[mrtg] Warning from the list administrator

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Fri Mar 9 21:14:09 CET 2007


I don't know what happened and frankly I don't care, but somehow people
suddenly are posting messages to the bounce address.

This address, which is the envelope-sender address, is *NOT* intended
to write your emails to.

Post your messages to mrtg at lists.oetiker.ch and not to any variant
thereof (especially not mrtg-bounce at ...).

If you reply to someone else and use "reply-all" or similar, you will
make the same mistake as the original poster did.  Don't.

Please have a look at your address book (if any) and correct mistakes.
When you post a message, make sure you don't write to the bounce address.
Take a moment to look at which exact addresses your message is going to.

thank you,
Alex (wearing his list admin hat)

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