[mrtg] cfgmaker for SAN-Switches (Brocade)?

Stuart Kendrick skendric at fhcrc.org
Wed Mar 14 16:58:56 CET 2007

hi ewald,

that sounds like a good idea.  a more generalized cfgmaker, which could 
take as input a pair of OIDs (like the ones you specify) and then walks 
the switch producing a config file.  hmmph

i auto-generate all my MRTG config files, using in-house code 
(http://www.skendric.com/trend/device/).  'build_fsx_config' takes a 
list of Silkworms as input and produces an MRTG config file as output. 
installing my code is a bit of a bear ... requires a ton of Perl 
modules, plus willingness to edit the code itself (to insert your SNMP 
RO string, for instance

i suppose i would have been smarter to have modified cfgmaker, per your 
vision below, and then written some wrapper code.  but i didn't do this 
-- i picked out the variables i wanted (see the sample graphs) and 
hard-coded them into my script


stuart kendrick

Ewald Jenisch wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a way to automatically generate mrtg-configs for
> SAN-Switches (Fibrechannel). Running cfgmaker against a SAN-Switch
> (Brocade) gives the config for the LAN-ports - however I need the
> statistics of the SAN (FC) ports.
> Currently I'm doing hand editing of the config files, but given the
> sheer number of ports and adds/moves/changes makes this rather
> cumbersome.
> Is there a way for cfgmaker to specify which variables to track?
> To be specific the variables in question are
> (i.e. FC bytes read/written)
> Thanks much in advance for any clue,
> -ewald
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