[mrtg] Wow--This is Difficult to Setup!

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You can also use the '--no-down' or the '--show-op-down' option in cfgmaker to get all ports in the mrtg config file.
See http://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/doc/cfgmaker.en.html for details.

About the 3com gear:
First you have to make sure from the MRTG host you can get replies to SNMP queries to the box you want to monitor. You can use any MIB-browser to check this. (On windows Getif can be a usefull tool)
As soon as you can get replies to the SNMP queries you can tell cfgmaker to make a config file for MRTG.
I suggest you make a cfg file for each device and make a master config file with your global parameters and an include line for each individual cfg file.

Now you can decide to run indexmaker with the master config file or for each individual config file to get the html file(s) you want.



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	That's the way cfgmaker works.  It will add the interfaces that are down, but will comment them out.  So if you want MRTG to ask for the stats on those ports, you need to uncomment them in the .cfg.

	Each Interface gets it's own page in MRTG with four sets of graphs, daily, weekly, monthly & yearly.  I have built some nice cgi scripts for inhouse use like you are talking about.  For instance I made a script to display the daily graphs for all interfaces on a managed switch and made those links to the full MRTG page for that interface.

	I have not played with RRD, but should do that here as the processing time for MRTG to make the graphs can get intensive on larger systems can be excessive.

	Lyle Giese
	LCR Computer Services, Inc.

	Bjorgen T. Eatinger wrote:

		Hello Kevin,
		Thank you for your reply!  I managed to get the service running correctly, and now that aspect is working great.
		And I looked in the MRTG.CFG file and found that it appears that the switches were, for the most part, configured somewhat, but that everything was completely commented out for some reason.  Some of the ports were commented out as they are disabled (by us administrators), but I still need all ports to be monitored whether disabled or not.
		Also, I am wondering if I will get a separate HTML file for each of these devices, or if I will simply get one massive HTML page.  We would much rather have separate HTML files for each device, if that is possible, then we will build our own front-end menu to select the device we wish to monitor.
		Sincerely, Bjorgen


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		On Windows I've never tried to run it as a service.  Typically I set up a batch file to be run from the Task Scheduler every 5 minutes for 23 hours and 55 minutes.  This has worked for me many times over many years.  Alternatively, there are some free/OSS cron clones for Windows.  These may work as well.
		I can't help on the cfgmaker issue, all my devices are and have been Cisco and that works quite well.
		On 3/28/07, Bjorgen T. Eatinger <beatinger at edenhosting.net> wrote:

			I have completely installed and managed to get running most of the MRTG code, running on MS Advanced Server 2003, IIS v6.0, including using the SRVANY.EXE so that the MRTG script will run as a service.
			I have 2 problems, as follows:
			1. Using the cfgmaker script, I cannot get more than just a router added to the MRTG.CFG file.  We have a Cisco 1720 router, a Cisco PIX 506e (which we probably don't need to monitor), and six 3COM 24-port switches.  Of most interest are the six 3COM switches.  How do we get all of these devices in the configuration file?
			2. Even with the one device (the Cisco router) correctly configured in the MRTG.CFG file, we cannot get the updates to work reliably.  I don't see much activity happening.  I finally stopped the MRTG service for a few hours, then started it again, and then saw activity, but then left the service running again for several hours, and no additional activity occurred.  How do we tell the service to run the mrtg script from time to time?
			The statistics were last updated Wednesday, 28 March 2007 at 19:50,
			at which time 'TheEdenGroup.tierzero.net' had been up for 2 days, 10:44:15.
			You can hit the graphs at the following URL:
			Your help is greatly appreciated!
			Sincerely, Bjorgen T. Eatinger

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