[mrtg] Wow--This is Difficult to Setup!

DA Forsyth iwrtech at iwr.ru.ac.za
Thu Mar 29 16:39:04 CEST 2007

On 29 Mar 2007 , Lyle Giese entreated about
 "Re: [mrtg] Wow--This is Difficult to Setup!":

> Bjorgen
> That's the way cfgmaker works.  It will add the interfaces that are
> down, but will comment them out.  So if you want MRTG to ask for the
> stats on those ports, you need to uncomment them in the .cfg.

there is an option, something like '--nodown' that leaves all down 
ports enabled in the generated cfg...

> I have not played with RRD, but should do that here as the processing
> time for MRTG to make the graphs can get intensive on larger systems
> can be excessive.

I found that on slow hardware  (Sparcstation5 with openBSD 3.4), 
RRD + 14all.cgi was too slow to produce the images in a useful amount 
of time, so I stuck with stock MRTG.  when I moved to a Celeron 400 
with FreeBSD, I could move to RRD for everything and still get the 
web pages delivered in sensible time.  Now onto a C700 and it is 
quite happy doing a 48 port switch, plus a bunch of other devices 
including controlling the vent fans that help to cool the office.

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