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>Mahesh Bharadwaj wrote:
> > CPU on cisco routers specifically cat3750 switch and PIX firewalls..we 
> > to monitor it using SNMP ar may be we have a perl program for the 
> >
> > I was only saying that is there any site where we can get the 
> > about deploying the same
> >
>  >>>snip<<<
>hhhmmm... that makes quite the difference.  My previous post to this
>thread is completely irrelevant, that was for monitoring cpu load on a
>linux box.  My example below is for cisco 3845 and 7206 routers but it
>gives you the idea... you just have to find your specific OIDs (that's
>really the hard part unless someone else here can provide those
>numbers).  If you're paying attention you'll notice the OIDs for both
>routers are the same (in this instance).  I had to really dig around to
>get those numbers and don't recall where I finally found them.  Sorry.

Well, there are different OIDs supported depending on which version of IOS 
you run on your Cisco box.
One way is to do an snmpget using the different OIDs and see which ones that 
gives you a number.
A good tool for looking in to OIDs is OidView (You can download a demo from 
their web site and check it out, www.oidview.com)

The OID mentioned by Steve Lindeman is from an outdated MIB 
I recommend you using OIDs from the newer CISCO-PROCESS-MIB  cpmCPUTotal5secRev   cpmCPUTotalMonIntervalValue


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