[mrtg] Need Help to Configure FWSM CPU utilization MRTG graph...

Yogesh Suryawanshi Yogesh.Suryawanshi at wnsgs.com
Fri May 4 06:31:08 CEST 2007

Dear Daniel,

I am new to MRTG & to this forum

I have browsed multiple pages but can't the template.
I will be happy if you can text in your assistance once again.

Also need one more help
   How to perform SNMP get & SNMP walk.
   Where we have to put these commands i.e. on Cisco box (target device)
or on mrtg server.

Thanks & Regards,
Yogesh S

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On Thu, 2007-05-03 at 11:49 +0530, Yogesh Suryawanshi wrote:
> HI,
> Here I am trying to configure MRTG for cat 6509 FWSM CPU utilization.
> Following is the code which I am using for 6509 CPU data

> Target[10.33.4.X.cpu]:
> at 10.33.4.X:

I published a template on this forum just this past week.  There are two
different CPU OIDs, and the instances vary as well.  The only reliable
way to find Cisco CPU is by walking both sets of variables.

You might be surprised to find that some of your boxes have more than
one CPU...

Daniel J McDonald, CCIE # 2495, CISSP # 78281, CNX
Austin Energy

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