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Luciano Giacchetta lucianogiacchetta at gmail.com
Tue May 8 21:35:40 CEST 2007


I have a problem when a tried to get hrProcessorLoad integer from a Windows
Server 2000 and 2003. When a get information form this object, mrtg promp
the followed error.

C:\Bin\mrtg-2.15.2\bin>perl mrtg localhost.cfg
2007-05-08 16:19:23: ERROR: Target[localhost.processorload][_IN_]
'. $target->[2]{$mode} ' evaluated
to ' ☺♥♠☺☻☺↓♥♥☺☻10079' instead of a number
2007-05-08 16:19:23: ERROR: Target[localhost.processorload][_OUT_]
'. $target->[2]{$mode} ' evaluated
 to ' ☺♥♠☺☻☺↓♥♥☺☻10079' instead of a number

But, when i get the same info using snmputil.....

C:\Bin\mrtg-2.15.2\bin>snmputil get localhost public
Variable = host.hrDevice.hrProcessorTable.hrProcessorEntry.hrProcessorLoad.2
Value    = Integer32 2

As you can see, snmputil get information whit out errors...

The mrtg program run over Windows Server and the localhost.cfg is this......

------------ start localhost.cfg -------------------------

WorkDir: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\server

EnableIPv6: no

YLegend[localhost.processorLoad]: % Utilizacion
Options[localhost.processorLoad]: growright,gauge
Target[localhost.processorLoad]: . at localhost
MaxBytes[localhost.processorLoad]: 523444000
Title[localhost.processorLoad]:  NT Processor Load
ShortLegend[localhost.processorLoad]: %
Legend1[localhost.processorLoad]: Proc Load in next minute
Legend2[localhost.processorLoad]: Proc Load in next minute
Legend3[localhost.processorLoad]: Maximal 5 Minute Proc Load
Legend4[localhost.processorLoad]: Maximal 5 Minute Proc Load
LegendI[localhost.processorLoad]:  Load:
LegendO[localhost.processorLoad]:  Load:
PageTop[localhost.processorLoad]: <H1>Processor Load</H1>
       <TR><TD>System:</TD>     <TD>Windows Server 2003 Ent</TD></TR>
        <TR><TD>Processor 1 Load

---------- end localhost.cfg---------------------------------------------------

Anybody know this problem ???

Thanks in Advance..

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