[mrtg] Monitor TenGiga ports

Cook, Garry Garry.Cook at arcadis-us.com
Thu May 10 17:05:28 CEST 2007

I don't think any of that really matters. It's the MAXBYTES value that
shows what 100% bandwidth is.
For instance, my 10 Gb ports show the following after I run cfgmaker:
MaxBytes[]: 536870911

This translates (in my routers2.cgi frontend with RRD backend) to '100%
Bandwidth (4.29G bps)'.
However, we know that's not right. So, I change it in the config to the
MaxBytes[]: 1250000000
...and now I see '100% Bandwidth (10Gbps)

Incidentally, I also had to change my 20 Gb port channel to:
MaxBytes[]: 2500000000

Why is MaxBytes not calculated correctly from the beginning? I'm not
sure. Could be a cfgmaker issue or it could be a problem with my
interface template. I don't yet have enough TenGigabitEthernet
interfaces to worry about it. I can change them all by hand for now.


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Yes I am using the 64bit counters. Example
password at Some_Device_Name:::::2.

How you store the data? As MRTG gif or as .rrd file? What front-end are
you using?

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