[mrtg] FireDaemon Service - terminated unexpectedly

Hai, Sajjad : WM Technology sajjad.hai at gerrard.com
Thu May 17 10:00:23 CEST 2007



I am unable to resolve an issue with our MRTG server. The service for
producing graphs has stopped and I am unable to determine the route cause. We
are running MRTG 2.15.1 with FireDaemon Pro Service Manager on a Windows 200
Server. The event viewer shows Applications Event messages as detailed below:



FireDaemon Service: MRTG: Network Graphs

Status Running

Process Running

Startup Automatic

User Local System


Source: MRTG

Event ID: 121

Subprocess monitoring failed due to subprocess is no longer active. The
subprocess is probably dead.

Restarting the process. Error detail: N/A 


Source MRTG

Event ID: 1

The FireDaemon service has started. 


Source MRTG

Event ID: 114

The FireDaemon Service: MRTG: Network Graphs terminated unexpectedly. It has
done this 10 time(s)." 


Source MRTG

Event ID: 115

Subprocess monitoring failed due to excessive process flapping. The
subprocess is probably dead. Restart the process.



FireDaemon Pro Service Manager - v1.7


MRTG - 2.15.1





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