[mrtg] Logscale and MaxBytes help

Max (MRTG list) Max.mrtg at DELTAL.ORG
Sun May 27 19:45:35 CEST 2007


I prefer to use logscale with my graphs, as sometimes there is hardly 
any traffic, sometimes there is a lot, and the log scale makes it a lot 
easier for me to tell what is happening.

The problem is that I want to have a group of mrtg graphs keep the same 
log scale so that I can compare them all at a glance easily without 
checking the scales.

I thought that setting MaxBytes all to the same number and then haveing 
Unscaled set would work, but if any of the interfaces go over MaxBytes 
then they report zero, which throws off the graph.

I then tried MaxBytes, but also put AbsMax with the real maximum of the 
interface, but now if the data rate goes over MaxBytes but stays within 
AbsMax, then it reports the high value again.

its possible I have gotten something wrong, but I think I have them set 
up right.

Is there any way to either set the scale when using logscale, or a way 
of telling mrtg to report any value above MaxBytes as MaxBytes rather 
than a false/zero reading?

Hope somebody can help.  Sorry for what is probably a newbie question.


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