[mrtg] cfgmaker script gives ^M

Geba, Scott Scott_Geba at cable.comcast.com
Thu Nov 1 20:44:37 CET 2007

I'm running cfgmaker through a script set in crontab to run once a week
to discover new interfaces, etc. I had this set up for about 5 devices
and it worked great. I recently created a few more scripts with about 30
or so devices each in them, when they are run the last device has a ^M
in it that causes a carriage return and needless to say, messes it up
pretty bad. I created the scripts in notepad in windows and copied them
over the server, figuring this was the issue I opened them up in vi to
try and remove the ^M but there was none. I even overwrote the last few
parts of the line to see if the ^M would get overwritten, no luck. Now
when the scripts run I get a ^M on every script for the last device. It
inserts itself after the ip address so it all looks like this:



_Gi8_24]: #Gi8/24:public at^M



Again, this only happens for the last device in my list of ip's. Any

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