[mrtg] Different values on graph from MRTG & Cricket

Mir Hafeez Ali hafeezali at cyberia.net.sa
Tue Nov 6 06:53:46 CET 2007

Hi All,


There is a difference in values of the traffic on either side of the link.
While I am polling the graphs with MRTG, our ISP has Cricket.  I always see
a difference of around 2% of total traffic. 


For an example if I am seeing the peak value of 1996K from my graph polling
on my router interface, the ISP graph shows around 2048K which is polling on
the interface on their side.


Please if I can know why this behavior happening on the link.  Both ends are
having Cisco Routers and are connected through ATM link.  This is very
important as we are always claiming our bandwidth not getting as committed
by the ISP.



Mir Hafeez Ali 


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