[mrtg] Aggregating Graphs

Eric Brander mailinglists at rednarb.com
Wed Nov 21 21:16:19 CET 2007

On 11/21/07, Scott Baker <scott.baker at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm aggregrating several graphs together using the following syntax:
> Target[myrouter]: 2:public at router + 1:public at router + 13:public at router
> It works without any problems except when I get above 114Mb/s. It
> looks like I've run into the limit of 32 bit integer for this item. If
> this were a SINGLE router I'd just add ::::2 on to the end. I'm not
> sure how/if you can do that with something like this that's added up.
> Is it possible?
> - Scott


This should work:
Target[myrouter]: 2:public at router:::::2 + 1:public at router:::::2 +
13:public at router:::::2


Eric Brander

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