[mrtg] [Help]Question regarding threshold checking functionality on W32 environment

Huh, Jin(FXKIS.KOR) jin.huh at kor.fujixerox.com
Thu Nov 22 06:40:32 CET 2007

Hello All,

We have implemented MRTG server for monitoring our company network using Windows 2003 server and now we are trying to add threshold checking functionality as guided on mrtg-reference document.

Unfortunately, the document "mrtg-reference.txt" is not clear on W32 environment for threshold functionality.

I am having trouble with applying threshold checking functionality in W32 environment and I would appriciate if you can guide us how to apply threshold checking functionality for NT.


1.  is threshold function already installed by default, or do we have to add programs?
2.  if the function is already in MRTG where can I modify to enable threshold function?
3.  If we have to add program for threshold checking, where can we find?  (for NT)

I would appriciate if you can help me with this issue.
Thank you for your support.

Huh, Jin
Network Administrator
Fuji Xerox Korea Information Systems
ISC (Information System Centre)
Tel:  82-2-310-8620
jin.huh at kor.fujixerox.com

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