[mrtg] MRTG. Monitoring multiple devices!

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Nov 22 21:41:06 CET 2007

Create a 'master.cfg' file, which uses 'Include:' to include the other
.cfg files.  Then, regularly call mrtg on this master file (instead of
on the per-device .cfg files).  This will gather all the data for all
the devices.


EG: If you have foo.cfg and bar.cfg, then master.cfg should contain:


routers.cgi*Ignore: yes

Include: foo.cfg

Include: bar.cfg


The first line is necessary if you use RRDTool with the routers.cgi
frontend in order to exclude the special master.cfg from  the gui.
Otherwise you can omit it.




I want to monitor multiple ip's . Using cfgmaker, I manage to create
multiple cfg files for multiple ip's. then using Indexmaker, I manage to
create 1 index file which includes the multiple .cfg files, BUT, the
problem is its only showsing graph for first device only, not for
others, instead graph, its showing cross like the pics not found, 
How can I run mrtg to collect data for multiple ips at the same time, I
am using OPENEXTRA mrtg with cfgbuilder,

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