[mrtg] Daily hours are reversed

Kirk Waingrow wkrik at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 24 22:57:09 CET 2007

Does anyone know why all my xTics for the daily graphs would be coming out backwards for the hours? there has to be a switch in the cfg file for it, but I can't find it.

I'm in PST timezone and the bottom xTics on the graph are:

12 10 8 6 4 2 0 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 .......

An example of one of my cfg entries are:

EnableIPv6: no
WorkDir: /httpd/html/mrtg
Options[_]: bits,growright
Target[naka1.ping]: `/usr/local/bin/mrtg_ping.sh naka1`
Xsize[naka1.ping]: 600
Ysize[naka1.ping]: 200
Ytics[naka1.ping]: 10
Options[naka1.ping]: nopercent,gauge,unknaszero
Title[naka1.ping]: (nas1) Ping Times in Milliseconds
PageTop[naka1.ping]: <h1>(nas1) Ping Times in Milliseconds</h1>
Background[naka1.ping]: #ffffff
MaxBytes[naka1.ping]: 1000
YLegend[naka1.ping]: Milliseconds * 100
ShortLegend[naka1.ping]: M/Sec&nbsp;
LegendI[naka1.ping]: &nbsp;Milliseconds:&nbsp;
Legend1[naka1.ping]: Ping

Any help is greatly appreciated... Thanks!


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