[mrtg] Graph forgets old data

Martin Kaufmann martin.kaufmann at spamfence.net
Mon Nov 26 14:51:48 CET 2007


I asked the same question some time ago but didn't receive an answer.
Maybe I didn't ask the right question or didn't supply enough

I hope you don't mind if I try it again: About half a year ago I started
using mrtg (version 2.14.7-2 on Debian) to gather access statistics for
a wiki. I use a self-made (not by me) script to generate the data which
seems to work fine - at least the log file contains data since May. The
hourly, weekly and monthly graphs look right as well.

Now to the problem: The yearly graph seems to forget data which is older
than about two months. This seems to happen at about the time where the
log file jumps from a two-hourly to a daily interval.

Here are links to the yearly graph and the cfg file as well as the two log
files (.log and .old):


Thanks for your help!



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