[mrtg] MRTG Reporting in Bits

Joel Roberts Joel.Roberts at pinkardcc.com
Wed Oct 3 17:40:43 CEST 2007

Had to shelve this for a bit as other things came up.

Yes, I am using the native MRTG display. I've checked the .cfg file,
there's no mention of bits left, is there such a thing as
Options[_]:kilobits ?

It is really reporting in bits still, it's a T1 connection on a cisco
router, so it's 1.54 Mbps or 192 kBps, and the interface stats report
correctly, it's just the graph that's in bits instead of bytes.

I'm going to try and wipe out the MRTG directory, re-compile it with a
new .cfg file and see if I get the same results. Just hate to keep
losing the historical data I've already collected.

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> Was going through a step-by-step for configuring MRTG and there was a
> line in the mrtg.cfg file that configured it to report in bits. I've
> deleted the line, deleted all the .png and .html files, but it keeps
> recreating the graphs in bits. Anyone know how to force it back into

If you are using routers2 as a frontend, it will default to 'bits' if it
thinks the target is a network interface.  If you would prefer it to
default to bytes, then either add the line
'routers.cgi*Options[_]:bytes' to the .cfg file, or else add 'bytes=yes'
to the routers2.conf file (to make it a global setting).

If you are using the native MRTG display, then you probably still have
the bits option set somewhere.  Check for a global setting like
'Options[_]:bits' in your .cfg file (and any other files which it
Include:s) and remove the 'bits'.  Also, check that it really is
reporting in bits - it may be reporting in bytes now, but you have
overridden the ShortLegend and so it has the wrong label.


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