[mrtg] Last 30 days stats don't make sense.

R O rolinger1 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 25 23:01:00 CEST 2007

This is a follow up to my previous thread.

This providers explanation of the 95th percentile doesn't make sense, can 
someone look at it and confirm it and/or correct whats wrong with it


Their explanation says of the In and of the Out traffic, the 95th percentile 
is the HIGHER of the two measurements.  Logically (to me at least), In and 
Out needs to be added together to give a snap shot of TOTAL traffic.

Also, logically speaking, shouldn't the "last 30 days usage" be roughly the 
same as the Monthly combined AvgIn/AvgOut.  What am I not understanding 


Russel P. Olinger
rolinger1 at hotmail.com

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