[mrtg] Definition of peak inbound & outbound traffic?

R O rolinger1 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 26 00:28:23 CEST 2007

Not certain these two parts are correct, my examples will explain why

>The 'Peak' line on the Weekly graph will show the highest 5-min average
>for the 30-min period.  The normal line will show the Mean Average over
>the 30-min period (IE, the average of the six 5-min averages)

My weekly PEAK (Or MaxIn/MaxOut) hasn't changed from 7.82Mb/s (total) in 5 
days.  I can only assume that because the day those peaks occurred is still 
within the 7 day range being graphed.  If it happened on Sunday, then those 
peaks would be there until either A) new peaks occur within 7 days or B) the 
stat falls off on the next Sunday (as 7 days have now passed) and the new 
Peak will be the next highest MaxIn/MaxOut totals.  Which could be anything 
that happened on the previous Monday to the current (next) Sunday.

Or am I referring to something different than was asked?  Heh, or am I just 
flat out wrong?  :-)

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