[mrtg] OIDs changing.

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Hi Gaurav


MRTG polls interface index id to get the data. Cisco interface index ID
changes some time when a router/switch is rebooted. You can configure
cisco to keep the same interface index id by running "snmp ifindex
persist" command in global mode.







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Dear all,

Recently I was amazed to see few things in the devices I was using MRTG

First, I have two cisco uBR 7200 with same IOS version and same model
but the OIDs in them for same datas to are to be retrieved are different
in the leaf OIDs whereas the branch OID is the same.

i mean if was for one than was for the other..

Second thing is one of the device got automatically rebooted because of
some power failure lately, and i was unable to see MRTG graphs for few
of the datas polled. Upon further diagnose i found that the leaf OIDs
have increased with two 

i mean if was the OID that was polled than after
the reboot it wasnt existing and was the one
that was providing the necessary values.

Has any one came across this type of situations before...please do

Does the OIDs get changed so abnormally or is it because of some faults
in the device.



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