[mrtg] LM_SENSORS for Windows?

Guenther Boelter gboelter at gbsconsult.net
Sun Sep 2 07:00:38 CEST 2007

William Owen wrote:
> If this is a "server" built on regular desktop hardware, you could try
> Motherboard Monitor and the SNMP Informant MBM extension
> (http://www.wtcs.org/informant/mbm/overview.htm).  If this is server
> class hardware, many vendors (Dell, HP, IBM...) provide MIBs for
> physical hardware monitoring.  Check you documentation or give the
> vendor a buzz.
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> Hello,
> like I am doing with Linux, I would like to setup a MRTG for a Windows
> 2000 Server too.
> I thought it can't be a problem. I will change the MIBs/OID in my config
> and that's all. But I forget, it's Microsoft ....
> Under Linux I have installed lm_sensors to get the CPU- and Mainboard
> temperature and some other stuff, but how can I get it in a Windows
> environment.
> Is there something similar to lm_sensors for Windows?
> Guenther
> Davao City, Philippines, Planet Earth
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Thanks again William,

now MRTG is running well on my Linux Server here in the Philippines
monitoring some Windows Servers 13,000 km far away in Germany  ...

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