[mrtg] Weired behavior of MRTG

Peter grshadowgr at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 14:56:04 CEST 2007

Thanks for your answer Alex.

> Every day at the same time... this indicates the problem
> (if any) is not related to MRTG at all.

I think that it's MRTG's problem, because that time every day is the 'peak hour' for my customer's bandwidth... Also, the Threshold check is on his peak traffic utilization... 11.5Gb.. too many coincidence... believe, the easiest thing for me is to say to my boss "no fault found on my mrtg graphs"... but i have to prove it.. :P

> Why would such fluctuations be a problem?  Are there devices
> with gigabit ethernet (or similar) on the network?

> I don't see a problem, so if you would have asked me then
> the answer would be "no, I don't see problems on my graph".
> That doesn't mean I don't see the same fluctuations.
> You can verify if calculations were done correct.  Copy the
> log entries between 20:00 and 21:00 from each of the interfaces.
> Add them manually.  Show them on a spreadsheet.  Chances are
> all three interfaces have a similar fluctuation, but only when
>you add them these fluctuations stand out.

Well, the problem exists on the aggregated graphs.. if you see the graphs of each 10gig interface separately, it seems that everything is working fine, but on aggregated graph i have this strange behavior! 

> Alex



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