[mrtg] Duplicate graph problem

Marcus marcus at bullydog.com
Wed Apr 2 22:55:02 CEST 2008

My installation of MRTG is with the rrd database and 14all display.  I
have several HP ProCurve switches for which I am getting the statistics.
There is a problem in the information that is presented by 14all and it
is manifested by duplicate graphs.  I have verified that the graphs that
are in duplicate have the exact same rrd database as compared by the
diff command.  This is indicating that either MRTG is sampling
incorrectly or the rrd tool is placing the data into the files
incorrectly.  I have a total of 16 graphs and rrd data files that are
exactly the same out of 139 files or, approximately 10%.


Marcus K. Junod

Bully Dog Technologies

marcus at bullydog.com

877-285-5936  x1822



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