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Fri Apr 11 16:49:42 CEST 2008

I want to graph remote Windows Memory & Harddisk. I got these values from a windows pc via SNMP by running following command.
[root at gw2 bin]# snmpwalk -v2c  -c public
. . . . .(pasting only relative data)HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageDescr.1 = STRING: C:\Label:W2003 C  Serial Number 7cda6213HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageDescr.8 = STRING: Physical Memory
HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageAllocationUnits.1 = INTEGER: 4096 BytesHOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageAllocationUnits.8 = INTEGER: 65536 Bytes
HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageSize.1 = INTEGER: 2560351HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageSize.8 = INTEGER: 16223
HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageUsed.1 = INTEGER: 1163807HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageUsed.8 = INTEGER: 11361.........
Also I can get values by running,[root at gw2 bin]# snmpwalk -v2c  -c public hrStorageSize.1
HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageSize.1 = INTEGER: 2560351
But when I setup it in mrtg.cfg file like this,Target[server.memory]: hrStorageSize.5&hrStorageUsed.5:public at . . .I get this error
18:55:07 -- Started mrtg with config '/usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/mrtg.cfg'18:55:07 -- Unknown SNMP var hrStorageSize.1 at /usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/mrtg line 220218:55:07 -- Unknown SNMP var hrStorageUsed.1 at /usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/mrtg line 220218:55:07 -- 2008-04-11 18:55:07: ERROR: Target[server.memory][_IN_] '                   
$target->[0]{$mode} ' did not eval into defined data18:55:07 -- 2008-04-11 18:55:07: ERROR: Target[server.memory][_OUT_]                   ' 
$target->[0]{$mode} ' did not eval into defined data
Please Help me.Thx

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