[mrtg] cfgstoragemaker replacement

DA Forsyth iwrtech at iwr.ru.ac.za
Mon Apr 21 08:49:16 CEST 2008

On 19 Apr 2008 , Nico Kadel-Garcia entreated about
 "Re: [mrtg] cfgstoragemaker replacement":

> > I havn't figured it out yet because I'm regenerating the CFG's at 
> > each boot but I'm not here to watch the boot and see what happens.
> > hmmm. maybe I'll force the absmax[] setting very high and watch the 
> > graphs for a bit to see when the size value changes.  it must be some 
> > time after boot.
> >   
> Why not wait until 10 minutes after the boot? Let it get a couple of 
> scans under its belt, first.

good plan, I'll try it for tomorrows scheduled power outage
(for those that have no idea about scheduled power outages in South 
Africa, do a google for 'load shedding'.  currently, my house is off 
for 2 hours Mon/Wed/Fri and the office is off 2 hours Tue/Thur/Sat)

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