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saka valériane sakavaleriane at yahoo.fr
Thu Apr 24 10:02:37 CEST 2008

  Thank you very much for your answer,
I have installed routers2-v2.17, I have chosen these directories like this : 
   exec-cgi, with permissions read and execute in /var/www
   rrdicons in /var/www
   graphs writeable for the UID httpd in /var/www
   database in /var/www/mrtg
   MRTG conf in etc/mrtg
                                                                                    And here is the contents of my configuration file /etc/routers2.conf :
dbpath = /var/rrdtool
graphpath = /var/www/graphs
graphurl = /graphs                
confpath = /etc/mrtg
cfgfiles = *.cfg
iconurl = /rrdicons/
defaulttarget = interface
graphstyle = big
unscaled = no
usebigk = no
sorder = t n n2 l l2 x2 x3 
stylesheet = /rrdicons/routers2.css
showfindbox = yes
routerdefault = filename
ifdefault = ai
stylesheet = /rrdicons/routers.css
After I’ve copied routers.cgi in the exec-cgi directory, which permission is 555 (read and execute).and the htaccess in graphs directory, permission 444.
I’ve copied *.gif files in the rrdicons directory too.
Finally, I would try to test the script with : http://localhost/exec-cgi/routers.cgi and I see the contents of the routers2.cgi.pl script displayed in the page.
What should I modify or add in my configuration to have graphics?

Steve Shipway <s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz> a écrit : > Ok! I decided to use RRD. I have already mrtg
> installed and working correctly, and I've just
> installed RRD with:
> #apt-get install rrdtool librrdp-perl librrds-perl
> After, I've added this in the mrtg configuration file:
> LogFormat: rrdtool

All of that looks good.

> But, when I re-execute indexmaker, all graphs
> disappeared ... There were only the titles, and when I
> click on one of them, I get a message like this: "The
> requested URL /cgi-bin/14all.cgi was not found on this
> server".

This is correct.  Indexmaker is for use with MRTG in .log mode.  When using .rrd files, MRTG will not create the images or html files, it only creates the .rrd files.  You need to use a frontend such as 14all or routers2 to display the graphs.  If you use routers2 then it takes care of providing a dynamic front menu for you so that you do not need to use indexmaker.

> Should I change my configuration or install 14all.cgi?

You should either install 14all, routers2, or mrtg-rrd.  I would suggest routers2 (but then, I'm biased of course).  You can see a demo of routers2 at http://www.steveshipway.org/cgi-bin/routers.pl and also obtain the software from this site.

>   How can I know if RRD is working correctly with

Look in the workdir and you should see the .rrd files.  Check that their last modification date is increasing with every poll of MRTG.


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