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DD-WRT is custom/opensource firmware for a variety of routers/wireless access points.


I happen to be running DD-WRT on a Linksys WRT54G access point. (WAN + 4 LAN +Wireless).


The DD-WRT firmware supports SNMP, but as mentioned I want to monitor how much WAN traffic each IP on the LAN is using?









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What is a DD-WRT?

More than likely you cannot monitor an IP address; you should be able to monitor a port on a switch/router and (using MRTG's defaults) get a measurement of in/out traffic rate.  So, is this DD-WRT an SNMP manageable device?


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Hi Folks,


A bit of a newbie here.


Could someone please tell me if I can monitor how much traffic is being used monthly by a IP on the LAN using DD-WRT and MRTG?


Thanks in advance,


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