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On this particular setup, yes, these files are all pretty much cfg files as
far as I can tell. There is an entire directory under mrtgdata called
includes. From what I see the html files gather their data from the inc
files.although I haven't quite figured out how the png files are created yet
for the graphs. Bob, I hate to sound stupid here, but I'm not sure by what
you mean what do they point to. I ran the config maker just to compare
results and yes I can create inc files, but the data is different, which I
kind of knew from another post that a lot of these files seem to be hand
edited. So, is it safe to assume I can substitute inc for cfg in the
documentation for mrtg? Sure wish I had taken a programming language at some


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What do your inc files point top.  I am thinking that the inc is just a
table of include files and these are the actual cfgs.




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I walked into an already setup mftg environment. I notice that this setup
doesn't use .cfg files, but uses .inc files for configuration. This setup
also has monitoring for not just routers and interfaces, but for switches,
their interfaces and the servers(windows) connected to those interfaces. In
looking at the latest documentation, it still lists .cfg files. My question
is how are the .inc files setup? Is there any documentation on .inc files?


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