[mrtg] New Mrtg Server very high CPU usage.

Mersberger, Robert robert.mersberger at goldenliving.com
Tue Aug 12 15:24:55 CEST 2008

 Thanks for the input. I am currently doing some of what you suggested
and it has helped greatly.
I still run the same cron job but now read a directory that contains
only 6 different .cfg files.  these 6 files filed with include: only
statement that point back to all the actual device cfg flies. I don't
run as a daemon or use forks.  when my cron job runs it now runs 6 tasks
at a time where before the use of include cfg's we were trying to run
someplace in the neighborhood of 560 tasks and using 100% cpu.  Running
the current 6 tasks is show cpu usage of about 60% and task run time has
been good.

Thanks for all you input.

Final question: is possible to use Forks: with out running as a Daemon?

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You might find it more efficient (on a UNIX server) to create a
master.cfg file that uses Include: to include each of the other files,
and Forks: to set a value depending on your servers power (try 20 for a
start and see if it completes in time) and then run MRTG in daemon mode.

RunAsDaemon: yes
Forks: 20
Include: file1.cfg
Include: file2.cfg
routers.cgi*Ignore: yes

(the last line is for if you use the routers2 frontend).  Its a shame
you can't (currently) use a wildcard in the Include: directive.

Once you have set this up, increase the Forks value if the polling cycle
take >4mins, and decrease it if your CPU and memory use get too high.
If both are the case, then get a bigger server and/or faster disks :)


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