[mrtg] Problem of mrtg configuration

Shuk Pong Leong edwardspl.mo at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 15:47:31 CEST 2008

Dear All,

I just installed the following packages under windows :
ActivePerl 5.8.8

And running the following command lines :
1, perl mrtg
2, perl cfgmaker public at --global "WorkDir: c:\inetpub\mrtg"
--output mrtg.cfg

1, During the testing, there are some problem for asking :


Now it is time to create a configuration for MRTG. But before we begin you
need to know a few things. Take an opportunity to gather the following

The IP address or hostname and the SNMP port number, (if non standard), of
the device you want to monitor.
If you want to monitor something other than bytes in and out, you must also
know the SNMPOID of what you want to monitor.
Finally you need to know the read-only SNMP community string for your
device. If you don't know it, try public, that is the default.


With the Target keyword you tell mrtg what it should monitor. The Target
keyword takes arguments in a wide range of formats:

The most basic format is "port:community at router" This will generate a
traffic graph for the interface 'port' of the host 'router' (dns name or IP
address) and it will use the community 'community' (snmp password) for the
snmp query.

Target[myrouter]: 2:public at wellfleet-fddi.domain

1.1 All of the Server machines are running with Windows ( including bulid-in
snmp protocol ). So, how to know the following info ?
1.1.1 SNMP port number
1.1.3 read-only SNMP community string

2, How to setup the mrtg for measuring ( monitoring ) the following hardware
usage percentage ?
2.1 CPU usage persentage.
2.2 Hard Disk usage persentage [ Total ( Read / Write ), Read, Write].
2.3 Ram ( Memory ) usage persentage [ Available MB, Page/sec ].
2.4 Network INT usage persentage [ Total ( Packets/sec ), Packets
Received/sec, Packets Sent/sec].

So, is there the sample config ( CPU, HD, Ram and Network INT ) for
reference ?

Many thanks for your help !

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