[mrtg] How to setup the mrtg for monitoring more things

Edward Leung edwardspl.mo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 09:23:07 CEST 2008

Dear Steve,

1, Sorry, I don't quit to familar with SNMP...
So, please never mind !

2, Did you means :
2.1 For monitoring the Network INT, we needn't to know any info of SNMP, due
to the mrtg will auto detect by using the following command line, rgiht ?
cfgmaker public at ipaddress
2.2 For monitoring other hardware ( such as CPU, HD and Ram ) of the Server
machines and it is running with Windwos OS System, we need to know the OIDs
( including SNMP port / INT ) and configure the MRTG target definitions,
right ?

So, for my problem is :
How can we know the OIDs ( including SNMP port / INT ) and configure the
MRTG target definitions for measuring the CPU, HD and Ram of the Server
machine ?
I just need the report about the output of usage percentage....
Is there the assistant tools and sample config file for doing this report ?

Many thanks for your help !


2008/8/18, Steve Shipway <s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz>:
> >After installed and setup the mrtg with the Windows Server machine :
> >Running :  perl cfgmaker public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx --global "WorkDir:
> c:\inetpub\mrtg" --output >mrtg.cfg
> >Then the mrtg may be know ( Auto detect ) the snmp port of the Network INT
> ( Surecom-EP320G-TX->Family-Gigabit-Ethernet-NIC ) is 16777219, but what is
> the SNMPOID ?
> This is not the SNMP port, this is the SNMP interface number.  You do not
> need to know the OID when you are monitoring network interfaces, as MRTG
> takes care of this for you.
> >So, if this is the network traffic usage ( B/s ), then how can I create
> the following hardware >usage config file also ?
> For these, you need to know the OIDs and configure the MRTG target
> definitions appropriately.  This can be complex and not all are necessarily
> supported by your system, and also not necessarily in a consistent manner
> (eg storage can re-enumerate itself if you insert a USB key)
> The cfgmaker script only generates configuration files for network
> interfaces (unless you use templates, but that's a bit advanced for you at
> the moment)
> >"We use the nsclient agent under windows and the mrtg-pnsclient.pl script
> to query it instead of using SNMP" ???
> This is a different way to obtain information, using a data collection
> plug-in rather than SNMP.  You can read about how to do this in the MRTG
> manual (you've looked at this, right?).  If you obtain the Routers2
> frontend, in the extras directory are the query tools and some instructions
> on how to use them.
> >Sorry, would you mind give me more help ?
> >All of the OS is Windows 2000 Server...
> The best thing for you to do is to initially try installing configuration
> just for network interfaces, and get this working correctly before trying to
> monitor something more complex like server statistics.  Once you have
> network stats working, and you have fully read the MRTG configuration manual
> plus all the help on the website, you should be ready to configure to
> monitor other things
> Steve
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