[mrtg] Newbie question

Hughes, Andy Andrew.Hughes at aquilent.com
Mon Aug 18 21:09:08 CEST 2008

I installed mrtg two weeks ago to monitor traffic to/from an individual router. All seemed to be well; I watched the graphs move as the week went on etc.  For some reason, the graph no longer moves at all (i.e. no peaks and valleys)--the entire thing is just solid green.

I run mrtg every 10 minutes by a scheduled task that calls a batch file in the \bin directory (Server 2003) that has a single line: perl mrtg mrtg.cfg  I notice that when I was on the server initially when mrtg was running properly, the command window would briefly flash when the batch file ran. Now it stays open much, much longer before disappearing?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't seem to be able to find the solution,

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