[mrtg] Intermittent but constant polling error

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Aug 20 00:45:12 CEST 2008

Is the switch particularly heavily loaded?  It may be that the SNMP queries are being dropped due to load.  Try increasing your retries or response timeout in the SNMP options, this may help.  The full syntax is:

community at hostname[:port[!localaddr[!localport]][:timeout[:retries[:backoff[:version]]]]]

the default is:

community at hostname:161:2:5:1:1

maybe you should try:

community at hostname::5:::2

which will use SNMPv2 (better) and do a 5sec timeout instead of 2s.

Incidentally, you just told the world your SNMP community string :)


Below is an error message that I have been getting at least once each hour from only the two switches in this enclosure.  I have 6 other enclosures with the same type (Gbe2) switches that are all configured the same as these two and I never get this error from them.  I can do an snmpwalk from my mrtg server and it is successful.  I have tried changing from SNMP V1 to V2c but it does not make the problem go away.

DOES ANYONE have any Ideas as to what might be causing this problem  or how to correct it.

SNMP Error:
no response received

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