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nangineni praneeth nv_2030 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 8 18:51:34 CET 2008

Hello everyone

                           I am working on a project titled network monitoring and would like to add few details in my documentation...I searched for these question over the web but couldnt find anything....

1)  Why are we specifying max bytes when we are using MRTG to monitor rtt, packetloss,cpuload etc?.I mean rtt or other variables like packetloss have nothing to do with max bytes....I know that MRTG requires that options but couldnt figure out why??Would be grateful if someone could answer how max bytes option is related to these variables

2)options [:]:integer.......what does this option....The mrtg website says "Print summary lines below graph as integers without commas"....was little confused by this...can anyone clearly tell me what this option does...

3) I can monitor rtt and packet loss with MRTG by making use of mrtg-ping-probe....
   I did the following from cmd

c:/mrtg/bin/>perl mrtg -ping -probe and it returned me two values 
 48 what does these two values represent......are these two values representing the incoming bytes counT and external bytes count...again why am i speaking in terms of bytes count when monitoring ping and rtt...

I know these are lot of questions....But since i am working on this project i must be able to answer these questions.........tried lots on the web but couldnt find answers for these
Would be really thankful if someone helps me out


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