[mrtg] Mrtg behaving weird.

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Dec 12 06:21:17 CET 2008

Maybe you want to use type 'derive' rather than 'counter' as possibly the MRTG counter-wrap-detection code is kicking in when you dont want it to (because you're calculating this yourself)?
Also, run the script manually a few times to be sure its not really outputting zeros on every third execution...
Finally, check your MaxBytes setting is correct.  Possibly this is dropping things to zero.


I am trying to use MRTG to graph bandwidth usage of each classids my linux bandwidth manager has. I am using tc for the bandwidth manager and a
pass persist script to get those values off the tc command. The script is working well I can get the value off snmp from my graphing server as
well. But what am I seeing is, after a certain count say 3 regular polls the graphs fall to 0 'zero' and rise again. To my knowledge the usage
never dropped, the host was downloading uniformly. But MRTG dropped the data to 0 and rose again and again falls to 0.

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