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Thanks for your reply


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The short answer is no.  You cannot
do this with plain MRTG. 


The long answer is that, if you use MRTG
with the RRDtool backend, you can then produce any graphs you want, provided
you have the data available.   


Since MRTG normally polls in 5min
intervals, a 1-hour graph would be very chunky (only 12 samples).  You’d
probably need to increase to an ‘Interval:1’ setting or even more
frequent.  Then, a MRTG/RRD frontend like Routers2 will be able to produce
‘6hour’ graphs for you since this corresponds to 1 data point per
pixel at normal resolution.  By using rrdcgi (with a very complex command
line) you can automatically generate any graph you want from the RRD files on
the fly, although even at a 1-min polling interval a 1-hour graph will only
have 60 samples so would be a bit chunky. 




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  Hello everyone


  Is there anyway i can use plain MRTG to produce hourly graphs.........I have
  seen this question before on MRTG forum but no one answered it 



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