[mrtg] Incorrect MRTG plots for Cisco-RTTMON-MIB

Sean Cheesman scheesman at caeveo.com
Thu Dec 18 03:27:52 CET 2008

What sort of data is returned?  It could be that MRTG is handling the data differently due to the format (decimals vs. whole numbers, etc.)

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I have just started using MRTG. My primary requirement is to plot Cisco IP SLA operation results using Cisco-RTTmon-MIB.
I have been trying to plot Packet Loss value between SD. I have tried different config options. I have compared MRTG results by polling the OID using a MIB browser.
The CLI output matches the MIB browser (i am using correct OID) but I get different results on the MRTG. Is it due to the way MRTG works or normalises data for plotting. I was under the impression that if a 'gauge' value is polled using MRTG it will simply plot that.
I have also noticed the current value is always bit off to the actual CLI value

Following is the config for SD packet loss.

Target[]: . at
Maxbytes[]: 500
Title[]: Packet Loss Source-Destination
PageTop[]: Packet Loss SD Test
ShortLegend[]: Pkts
YLegend[]: Packets
Legend1[]: Pkt Loss SD
LegendI[]: SD
Options[]: growright, nopercent,integer, gauge

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