[mrtg] FW: Superstack 4400 and mrtg

dexion dexion at dexionworld.org
Thu Dec 18 20:49:37 CET 2008

Ok I really feel silly asking this. Ive searched the forums and found an
example cfg and tried getting cfgmaker to make me a good config.
My syntax is incorrect.
Could someone please help me out. My brain is melting a bit.
Mrtg version 2.16.2
My example network is:
4400 switch ip =
snmp community (for the monitor user) = communityexample
Mrtg box (linux) is if that matters (it doesnt appear to)
I have several issues I dont understand.
The switch requires a user an pass to access the community. For example the
user/pass that gets that community is monitor/passformonitoruser
I am unable to get it (mrtg) to pass the user/pass for the community or I am
unable to understand how to format the cfg correctly.
The other thing I dont understand and am have trouble searching for in the
forums would be:
Its a 48 port switch. I cant seem to figure out how to tell mrtg to look at
several ports. (im assuming multiple configs) but how do I identify say
port 1,25,10,11,12 in the configs. It feels to me like i need to set that up
on the switch. Ie system/manage/snmp/set but I may be barking up the wrong
tree. I may just have to tell mrtg to look at the switch and
it will get the ports.
Could someone help me with the config and also wouldnt I need to set up
something (aside from snmp and the user/pass/community on the switch?)
Thank you very much in advance.
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