[mrtg] Issues graphing an integer value from ServerTech Power Towers

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Dec 30 22:49:07 CET 2008

> I have mad the adjustments to the CFG file and it looks like I am
> getting a bit closer but still no joy.
> Target[ptxl0101a-eqla3.stk.tower-a-infeed-a]: (
> at p
> txl0101a-eqla3.stk:::::2
> / 100 )

You don't actually need the brackets around it, not that it matters.

> MaxBytes[ptxl0101a-eqla3.stk.tower-a-infeed-a]: 20

> The first value comes in the hundreths of an amp for:
> [root at bandit mibs]# snmpwalk -v 2c -c ubaVcj8PYF ptxl0101a-eqla3.stk
> Sentry3-MIB::infeedLoadValue.1.1 = INTEGER: 338 hundredth Amps
> And the second value comes in even amps:
> [root at bandit mibs]# snmpwalk -v 2c -c ubaVcj8PYF ptxl0101a-eqla3.stk
> Sentry3-MIB::infeedLoadHighThresh.1.1 = INTEGER: 4 Amps
> Is the / 100 going to be dividing both of these values by 100....??
> Below is my debug output.  Hopefully you will catch what I am missing.

Yes, both values will be getting divided by 100.  I thought both were in

> RRDs::update(/var/www/mrtg/rrd/ptxl0101a-eqla3.stk.tower-a-infeed-a.rrd,
> '1230672675:3.38:0.04')

So now it is storing 3.38 (correct!) and 0.04 (incorrect).

Until Tobi provides us a way to do a bi-valued constant, the only way I can
think of to achieve this is to define TWO Targets, one for the
infeedLoadValue (dividing by 100) and one for the infeedLoadHighThresh (not
dividing).  Then define a Routers2 summary graph over the two targets to get
them onto the same graph (of course, this requires you to use Routers2).
You can hide the individual sub-components from the menu.

You're still getting NaN from your Fetch, but I think this is just because
you haven't hit the XFF level yet.  Run for 15mins so you can get 3 valid
samples and then examine the last value, it should be OK then.

Another note: you should remove the 'integer' option.  Amps don't need to be

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