[mrtg] log files quiestion

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The data is stored in bytes (IE, the value reported by the SNMP).  The 'bits' option only affects display of the data, not retrieval or storage.  Thus, the maxbytes value is compared with the retrieved value, and so for a 10Mbit connection, MaxBytes is 1280000.  The MaxBytes thresholding is done at data retrieval, the y-axis labels done at data display:
1. Retrieve data (in bytes), do any Target[] line calculations, THEN compare to MaxBytes and AbsMax
2. Store data (in RRD or LOG files)
3. Display data, doing any calculations for Factor[] or Options[]:bits
If using RRD files, then step 3 can be done by any other external program, of course.
Note that other options, such as 'aspercent' and 'dorelpercent' also are done at step 3, not affecting how the data is stored, so you can change your display options at a later time without problem.  If you make calculations on the Target[] line, though, then there are 'permanent' as the data is stored *after* claculating.


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Would you please help me on this?


I have MRTG installed and the data is logged in log files, not in RRD.


The configuration file for the managed device contains the line:


Options[_]: bits


so the y axis on the graphs is shown in bits/s.


The question is if the data in the log file is stored in bits/s or in bytes/s?


The interface monitored is Ethernet 10mbps and configuration file contains the line:


MaxBytes[XXXXX]: 1250000


The question is if MRTG correctly compares the MaxBytes value which is in bytes and the y axis, which is in bits/s?





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