[mrtg] Intermittent Graphs

Darren.Terry at cox.com Darren.Terry at cox.com
Sat Feb 2 14:55:46 CET 2008


     This past week I migrated a very, very large MRTG installation to
new servers and updated software. Everything went well with the
relocation with the exception of one group of hardware. The group of
CMTS systems that I am graphing aren't graphing correctly. They have
graphs which are very intermittent. They look like saw blades. I believe
the reason that they are so intermittent is that the poll isn't
finishing before the next one needs to start. So, I am receiving the
lock file error in email. However, this doesn't make sense. I upgraded
to servers that are LEAST five times stronger. In addition to this,
according to the FAQ on the MRTG site, the graphs should be populated
with the previous data rather than zero.

	If anyone has any ideas about how to speed up the poll or
anything else that might help, I am all ears (or eyes?)!! 

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