[mrtg] graphing IPv6 only traffic via mrtg on linux

Niall O'Reilly Niall.oReilly at ucd.ie
Tue Mar 11 11:11:43 CET 2008

On 8 Mar 2008, at 17:54, R Dicaire wrote:

> I tried using the OIDs
> ipSystemStatsInReceives.ipv6 and ipSystemStatsOutRequests.ipv6 from
> IP-MIB but this doesnt seem to be working as there has been no
> movement of the graph in 12 hours though there's definitely been IPv6
> traffic, and I see the counters increasing.
> Can this not be achieved via snmp? Am I using incorrect OIDs?

	To some extent, I'm guessing here.

	You're probably not using incorrect OIDs, but your equipment
	may be neglecting to update the MIB variables corresponding
	to its native counters.

	Which counters do you see increasing?
	What does snmpwalk show?

	What does the vendor's documentation say about which IPv6 MIB
	variables are actually supported?


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