[mrtg] LINUX & Win2003 MEM/HDD graphing . . . howto

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 08:46:17 CET 2008

AA Inter.Network Services / SYED JAHANZAiB wrote:
> I am using MRTG on Linux. How can I do the following . . . ?
> I want mrtg graph for the the harddisk partitions of various remote linux &windows 2003 base pcs like C: drive or D: drive with 
> Total Megabytes / Used Mbytes / Megabytes Available space graph. 
> I also like to graph the Total Memory/ Used Memory / Free memory.
> Please help me.
> Regards,
There used to be a nice tool to generate MRTG tables for this, called 
"cfgstoragemaker". Unfortunately, it broke with RHEL 5. The MRTG 
settings seem fine, the snmpwalk values it provides fit well in the MRTG 
configs, but MRTG seems to have some serious problems using the 
"hrStorage" values it generates. I've *no* idea how to fix this: if 
there's a tool to get the SNMP values translated into numerical OID's 
instead of the text based hrStorage values, I'd love to try that.

Has anyone else used that lately? It was really good for auto-probing 
systems now and then to detect changes in disk and RAM without having to 
manually configure MRTG.

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