[mrtg] Bandwidth of entire Switch

Joel A Savage savagej at franklinpierce.edu
Wed May 7 15:04:34 CEST 2008

Good to know, 

I will look into the router2 I have not checked that out yet.

The reasoning for the overview was to have a list of graphs of all the
switches and if there were a bottle neck or high bandwidth in one place
we would be able to see it without having to drill down into each one to
look at the ports. 

I am not familiar with the router2 but I will become acquainted with it
and see what it offers. 

I think I might also look into what was suggested ealier about simply
monitoring the uplink ports for an over all for each switch. 

Thank you everyone for your helpful replies. 


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On Wed, 2008-05-07 at 07:59 -0400, scoob8000 wrote:
> Why couldn't he just do something like:
> Target[totalswitch]: 1:public at + 2:public at +
> 3:public at + 4:public at
> For all the ports he wants to graph?  (And set maxbytes accordingly)

Because the cumulative rollover effect gives vastly unpredictable
results.  MRTG can cope with a single counter rollover.  Trying to sum
52 gigabit interfaces and make sense of the rollovers is sheer madness.
Even two interfaces is problematic, and will result in un-predictable
spikes and valleys.

> Or you could use a shell script (linux) to minimize your queries.
> Query all the ports for your individual charts, then add them together
> for a aggregate chart..

Why not just use routers2?  Or ignore the whole request because it
sounds like a PHB wants it (who cares how busy the switch fabric is if
it is not a constrained resource?  It's not like knowing the aggregate
traffic is going to enable you to plan/justify when a switch upgrade is

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