[mrtg] startup problems, n00b isue

Ton Muller spatieman at lycos.nl
Sun May 11 17:23:18 CEST 2008

i am quit new to MRTG on nix/BSD system.
i run a openBSD rig what i use as nat.
i would mesure all the traffic what is going the network to internet.
i am using the default mrtg.cfg for ,firstly getting ONE item to run.

but i got 2 problems already.

1st, i want to run mrtg over the cron.
i cant seem to manage that.

secondly, the mrtg isue.
i paste below, a stripped cfg, totherwise it woulde be very big in the 

# Where should the logfiles, and webpages be created?

WorkDir: /var/www/htdocs/mrtg
Options[_]: growright,bits

# Minimal mrtg.cfg

WorkDir: /var/www/htdocs/mrtg
Target[]: 2:public at
MaxBytes[]: 102400
Title[]: Traffic Analysis openBSD NAT box
PageTop[]: <H1>Stats for openBSD NAT box</H1>

ok, this was very basic.
i firstly want to mesuare that IP, its the box IP on the LAN site.
but, what do i wrong.

can someone give me a usefull clue (or  kick in my but *g*)


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