[mrtg] startup problems, n00b isue

Ton Muller spatieman at lycos.nl
Mon May 12 08:30:47 CEST 2008

Steve Shipway wrote:
>> 1st, i want to run mrtg over the cron.
>> well.
>> i cant seem to manage that.
> Why not?  What seems to go wrong?  It should work easily, just put it
> into your crontabs.
My stupid mistake.
i forgot to add the path to mrtg :( ,that works now.

>> WorkDir: /var/www/htdocs/mrtg
>> Target[]: 2:public at
>> MaxBytes[]: 102400
>> Title[]: Traffic Analysis openBSD NAT box
>> PageTop[]: <H1>Stats for openBSD NAT box</H1>
>> ok, this was very basic.
>> i firstly want to mesuare that IP, its the box IP on the LAN site.
>> but, what do i wrong.
> What do you want to measure?  Your target says to monitor the traffic
> throughput on interface #2, is this not what you want?  If you want to
> specify the interface to monitor by IP address rather than by interface
> number, just use the appropriate Target[] syntax.
> Steve
i think that is wat i do wrong, becuase i do not understand the sytax.

i got a lot of error messages back.
2008-05-11 16:43:59 -- Started mrtg with config '/etc/mrtg-cfg'
2008-05-11 16:43:59 -- ERROR: unable to open config file: /etc/mrtg-cfg
2008-05-11 16:44:36 -- Started mrtg with config '/etc/mrtg.cfg'
2008-05-11 16:44:36 -- Can't locate Socket6.pm in @INC (@INC contains: 
/usr/local/bin/../lib/mrtg2 /usr/local/bin 
/usr/libdata/perl5/i386-openbsd/5.8.8 /usr/

as i sayd, this mrtg is compleet new to me.
in yerly years i runned freesco, mrtg on that was running fun..

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