[mrtg] Monitoring Windows 2k Server

Sales, Alexis ASales at ci.glendale.ca.us
Thu May 15 17:03:57 CEST 2008

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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You can monitor Microsoft O/S system components using default snmp oids. 
But in order to monitor something other then standard, or from the Performance Monitor Counters, you need to install 3rd party tool like SNMPTOOLS & SNMPINFORMANT.
I am also using snmptools agent to get information for ISA SERVER , cache hits ratio, & almost every thing I like to.
You can see some live running examples @ HYPERLINK "http://www.aacablenet.org/mrtg"www.aacablenet.org/mrtg & /mrtg2
Sample CFG for Disk, Ram, are as follows, But remember, You need to findout OIDS for system, most probably these oids wont match with your system, as it depend on system confiuration.

###  MEMORY MONITORING (Percentage USED)  ###
Title[isas1.mempercent]: ISA SERVER1 Memory Used in (%)
PageTop[isas1.mempercent]: <H1>ISA SERVER1 Memory Used in (%)</H1>
Target[isas1.mempercent]: . at 192.168.x.x / . at 192.168.x.x * 100
Options[isas1.mempercent]: growright, gauge, nopercent, integer, noo
Unscaled[isas1.mempercent]: ymwd
MaxBytes[isas1.mempercent]: 100
YLegend[isas1.mempercent]: Used Memory %
LegendI[isas1.mempercent]: Used Memory in
Legend1[isas1.mempercent]: ISA SERVER1 Mem Used %

# Memory Monitoring  (USED in KBs)
Title[isas1mem.kbs]: ISA SERVER1 Memory Used in MB
PageTop[isas1mem.kbs]: <H1>ISA SERVER1 Memory Used in MB</H1>
Target[isas1mem.kbs]: . at 192.168.x.x
Factor[isas1mem.kbs]: 65536
Options[isas1mem.kbs]: growright, gauge
Unscaled[isas1mem.kbs]: ymwd
MaxBytes[isas1mem.kbs]: 16300
YLegend[isas1mem.kbs]: Used Memory (MB)
ShortLegend[isas1mem.kbs]: B
LegendI[isas1mem.kbs]: Used Mem
LegendO[isas1mem.kbs]: Total Mem
Legend1[isas1mem.kbs]: ISA SERVER1 Memory Used
Legend2[isas1mem.kbs]: ISA SERVER1 Memory Size
XSize[isas1mem.kbs]: 600
YSize[isas1mem.kbs]: 200

Target[s1c]: . at 192.168.x.x / . at 192.168.x.x * 100
Options[s1c]: growright, gauge, integer, noo
MaxBytes[s1c]: 100
LegendI[s1c]: Total Partition Used
Legend1[s1c]: Total Partition Used
Title[s1c]: ISA SERVER1 C: (W2003) DRIVE Utilization
PageTop[s1c]: <H1>ISA SERVER1 C: DRIVE Utilization</H1>
Unscaled[s1c]: ymwd
ShortLegend[s1c]: %
YLegend[s1c]: % Disk Used



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Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 12:19:17 -0700
From: ASales at ci.glendale.ca.us
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Subject: [mrtg] Monitoring Windows 2k Server

Hello Everyone,
Does anyone have a sample of how to monitor disk, memory, and network stats on a Windows 2k Server environment?
I'm using ActivePerl 5.8.8 and MRTG 2.16.1
Alexis Sales
I.S. Project Manager
Departmental Systems Support
City of Glendale
Information Services Dept.
141 N. Glendale Ave #314
Glendale, CA 91206-4997
818.543.3247 (fax)
HYPERLINK "mailto:asales at ci.glendale.ca.us"asales at ci.glendale.ca.us
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