[mrtg] required help

Deepak deepak at worldphone.in
Tue May 20 11:21:15 CEST 2008




Also if I run command perl mrtg mrtg.cfg 

It execute but given an error bad file descriptor, I supposed that's why I
did not getting html file.

Version is 2.16.2 of MRTG

Win 2000 Server


I supposed first of all I had to get html files, then I can change the


But first of all html pages had to stored and generate.which is not
generating or starting


Kindly help



Deepak Gupta


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I am Deepak Gupta from World Phone Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. We are a
Class-A ISP and ITSP in India

I download your MRTG-2.15.0 from your website and successfully installed it
on Windows 2000 Server

I had also build one configuration of one L3 from my Network, MRTG.CFG file
is also been created successful. 

But I am not able to find any html file

Where are the html files? Means like this url  -----

How can I see it?


I performed each and every step as mention on your site. (url:

I am stucking up on one of the step 

Add the following to the top of the mrtg.cfg file:

 WorkDir: D:\InetPub\wwwroot\MRTG
If I will not use Red lines and run command perl mrtg mrtg.cfg from bin
directory.it is very well executed without any error
But I use above red lines then it gives me error pasted below.
C:\mrtg-2.15.0\bin>perl mrtg mrtg.cfg
ERROR: Line 1 (<html xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office") in
file (mrtg.cfg)  does not make sense
Also attaching mrtg.cfg file without red lines


Kindly assist me.


You can call me in case of any issue from 1100 hrs to 2000 hrs IST from
Monday to Friday


Let us know your timings also, or any chat ID? (If you want to provide)


Kindly solve the issue.




Deepak Gupta


 <http://www.worldphone.in/> www.worldphone.in

Mb: 09312089344

Ph# 91-11-26902000

US No#1-214-614-9000 (ext-141)



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