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Deepak deepak at worldphone.in
Wed May 21 11:10:20 CEST 2008



Error is been done of slash (/ \) it is in FindBin.pm under perl\lib direct.


Now after executing command perl mrtg mrtg.cfg


\ / all are corrects and   \   format

But error is same bad file descriptor


I will go mad..


Please help....



Deepak Gupta



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Its really great, that you are giving time for my problem.


Let's forget issue one (we will discuss later)


Issue two


I got it what you are telling problem with \ / bars, but in mrtg.cfg  

There is no where C:/mrtg-2.16.2/bin\rateup

It comes up in the script when I execute a command perl mrtg mrtg.cfg


Now I supposed it is present in rateup.exe file? If yes how could I
edit/rectify it?

If no.how should I remove the error?



Deepak Gupta



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Issue one

C:\mrtg-2.15.0\bin>perl mrtg mrtg.cfg
ERROR: Line 1 (<html xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office") in
file (mrtg.cfg)  does not make sense
In your orginal message, you showed this.  This looks lile you used Word or
some other Office component to edit and save your mrtg.cfg file.  Using any
office component to edit mrtg.cfg is very bad.  
It's a plain text file and has to stay that way without the extra stuff Word
or and Office product will add to the file when saving it.
If you want to hand edit( to add the line in RED below ) mrtg.cfg, use
notepad, wordpad(save as text file) or UltraEdit.
Issue Two

2008-05-20 19:34:13: WARNING: rateup (C:/mrtg-2.16.2/bin\rateup C:\www\mrtg\

.89.67.6_1 1211326453 -Z u 2850162939 2143204747 12500000 c #00cc00 #0000ff

There is a huge difference between \ and / when used in a path or fully
qualified file name.
Lyle Giese
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